iron lungs / useless heart (captains_of_our) wrote,
iron lungs / useless heart

you've left me with quite a few hollow places full of hauntings. the turbine it takes to keep me going is a sacrifice.
i am never fully pleased nor satisfied. my whole life i've gone through these fits of depression, a hole in my bubble.
my air mixing with everyone elses, remembering the pace of your breathing (i dwell this deeply and close to my heart).
there is never a temptation i've spared, shortcomings are genetic i am proof and i'm generally always panicked. today,
pulling up the shades would change nothing except the sight from off white to grey. all the old houses settled beyond
their foundations causing cracks to the shingles. i live in one and i swear i feel the sway in my sleep. the soft touches
of ghosts we've built on and over and on and over again. its so much easier to bury the physical. i've no rest here.

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